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  • August 2021: Nue Extras Sale & Other Updates

    Nue Extras Sale Format Raffle/FCFS: form will be open for 1 hour on August 29 2021, starting at 9AM MST (countdown link) Raffle winners will be drawn an hour after raffle closes. Winners will be contacted by email and will receive a password to the store. The store will open on August 30 2021 9AM […]

  • July 2021: Nue Shipping & more!

    Nue will start shipping to group buy participants in the next week or so! I’m very happy with the the quality of the units that were produced, from the color, to the machining and polish of the brass, and I hope you will enjoy using it as much as I do. When you receive your […]

  • June 2021: Project Updates

    Nue Cases have finished anodizing and are waiting to be assembled, packed and shipped out. The backup in logistics is about a week and a half (as of today), so I’m expecting them to start shipping by the end of the month. Carrying bags are still on a boat as well. Beyond that, everything else […]

  • May 2021: Project Updates

    Nue Last month I communicated that the cases would be delayed – that no longer seems to be the case as the CNC factory has been able to ramp up production. All units have finished machining and are now awaiting anodization. Final color samples have been sent to me and should proceed quickly after approval. […]

  • April 2021: Project Updates

    Nue Not so great news this month – aluminum case production has been pushed back and may see a delay of 4-8 weeks. There was some miscommunication between myself and the factories – last month, I was in the machining queue, not the actual process. Due to the spike in the hobby, there has been […]

  • March 2021: Project Updates

    Nue Production is underway! Cases are being machined, PCBs, carrying cases and microfiber cloths have been ordered, and gaskets and case foam have already arrived! Color anodizing samples for Light Rose have been sent to me, and long story short I’m still not satisfied with the coloring. Another sample will be requested and re-sent for […]

  • February 2021: Post-Raffle Thoughts, Production Commencement

    The raffle for Nue has concluded and all invoices have been paid for. The final variant breakdown is: 15% Light Rose Winkey 30% Light Rose Winkeyless 20% Slate Blue Winkey 35% Slate Blue Winkeyless Extras will be ordered in proportion to the breakdown above. I’m hoping that the quality control coming from the manufacturer will […]

  • January 2021: Nue Group Buy Details

    The group buy for Nue is live! RAFFLE LINK Details Countdown: Link Date/Time Jan 29 2021 10AM to 10PM EST Format 12 hr Raffle Number of Units 60 Price $450 CAD (approx $350 USD) + shipping Colors Light Rose/Slate Blue Tops WK/WKL Extras PCB, gaskets, FR4 plate One entry per household. All duplicate entries will […]

  • December 2020: Preparing for Group-Buy

    It’s been a while since the last update! The 2nd prototype arrived a week ago, alongside a revised rose gold top. I’ve finished my testing and there are only a few minor things I will change for production. One more color chip containing yet another anodized rose gold color has been ordered before I can […]

  • October 2020: PCB Testing, Second Case Prototype Changes

    Testing of the 2nd PCB prototype is underway which features a 1.2mm thickness and modified leaf-spring style cuts on the tabs. Typing experience is much better than R1 since the lack of full-row flex cuts prevent the whole rows of keys from bouncing around too much, (something you normally wouldn’t experience with a full/half plate). […]