April 2021: Project Updates

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Not so great news this month – aluminum case production has been pushed back and may see a delay of 4-8 weeks. There was some miscommunication between myself and the factories – last month, I was in the machining queue, not the actual process. Due to the spike in the hobby, there has been a massive backlog of work for the manufacturer to get through.

On a positive note though, I’ve been told Nue will finally start machining next week, and more anodization samples will be sent for my approval soon. PCBs, daughterboards, and plates have been finished and are shipping to me this month, and carrying cases are still in production with no hiccups so far.

Project Delta

I am currently finding a new factory to prototype Delta and another unspecified project, due to delays with my current manufacturer. Stay tuned.


Cascade is a universal 60% PCB that I designed for friend and local vendor RNDKBD.com. It’s a hotswap PCB that supports multiple layouts, currently available for pre-order alongside the PLA60, which is a great budget gasket keyboard that sounds really nice, check it out! More information about Cascade can be found here.

Project Varanus

Prototypes are in the hands of the vendor and will undergo testing this month.