June 2021: Project Updates

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Cases have finished anodizing and are waiting to be assembled, packed and shipped out. The backup in logistics is about a week and a half (as of today), so I’m expecting them to start shipping by the end of the month. Carrying bags are still on a boat as well. Beyond that, everything else is ready. PCBs, plates and accessories (screws, bumpons, foam etc) have all been QC’d and packaged. The current expected ship date is now sometime in July which is still within the original estimate.

I appreciate everyone’s patience and trust. For those of us that have participated in group-buys in the past, waiting is the least enjoyable aspect. I try to be as transparent as I can with my monthly updates, and as we get closer to delivery and fulfillment, I will be providing weekly updates (probably just in the discord server).

Project Toblerone

PCB prototypes have arrived, and case prototype should ship by the end of the month. Firmware has already been written alongside local VIA support.

I noticed a lot of FRL1800 boards pop up in IC lately, but I’m still really happy with how the design for Toblerone (*note: not real name) turned out. I hope there are some folks out there that will too 🙂

I’ve been trying to think of some fun ways to promote the board, for example guessing the real name of the board will win a GB spot. And the prototype will be sent out to someone for early review as well. However, I want to stress that nothing will be promoted externally until the initial Nue group buy orders are fulfilled.

Project Varanus

I have received prototypes from the vendor and while it looks pretty nice, the typing feel leaves much to be desired. I will be revising the mounting points and working on another round of prototypes.


PCBs were QC’d by me before being handed off to Andy @ RNDKBD to fulfill alongside PLA60 kits. He may or may not have extras to sell, I would keep up on his discord server if you’re looking to snag one separately. If there is further demand, I may decide to open up orders group-buy style so folks can buy the PCB on its own.