March 2021: Project Updates

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Production is underway! Cases are being machined, PCBs, carrying cases and microfiber cloths have been ordered, and gaskets and case foam have already arrived! Color anodizing samples for Light Rose have been sent to me, and long story short I’m still not satisfied with the coloring. Another sample will be requested and re-sent for my approval before we move into the anodization phase, which luckily is still a few months away.

Project Delta

This is the next project I’m hoping to run after Nue. It’s a TKL and the goal is to provide a plateless typing experience while still being able to accommodate most off-the-shelf PCBs such as the H87c. Design is being re-worked and will be prototyped next month.

Project Varanus

This is a 660 layout design that I’m working on with a vendor. Prototypes are being machined this month and will be ready soon. Hope to share more when we’re ready!