August 2021: Nue Extras Sale & Other Updates

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Nue Extras Sale


Raffle/FCFS: form will be open for 1 hour on August 29 2021, starting at 9AM MST (countdown link)

Raffle winners will be drawn an hour after raffle closes. Winners will be contacted by email and will receive a password to the store. The store will open on August 30 2021 9AM MST. At that time, winners can enter the store via password and it will be FCFS to get the configuration/color you want. If you’re worried a particular configuration might sell out quick, I recommend paying for the board first and emailing or DM’ing me on Discord to add on extras.

I’m using the honor system. If you win, do not share the password. You must use the same email for raffle and checkout. If I see an order associated to an email that has not been drawn, it will be cancelled immediately.

Extras Pricing
  • A Stock: $525 CAD (~$420 USD)
  • B Stock: $450 CAD (~$360 USD)
Light Rose
  • WKL – 1 A-Stock, 2 B-Stock
  • WK – 1 A-Stock, 2 B-Stock
Slate Blue
  • WKL – 4 A-Stock, 4 B-Stock
  • WK – 4 A-Stock, 5 B-Stock


It started as a joke but is now reality – the Nue OG himself, StingrayShuffle, will be hosting a Bingo event on his Twitch Stream on August 28! The winner of the bingo event will have the opportunity to purchase a Light Rose WK A-Stock unit ahead of the extras raffle. Stay tuned to Discord for more details!


I am happy to announce that I will be helping reticent run the group buy for Nascent, a 65% PCB leaf-spring mount keyboard. Check out the Interest Check here! More details on the group buy will come soon.

Project Toblerone

The Toblerone prototype (no, that’s not the official name) recently made its debut at the Edmonton keyboard meet. I was able to get some valuable feedback and design for the R2 prototype is underway. Interest Check will be launched in the fall.

There are other things on the go but are moving slowly, will share more when I can. Thanks!