Nue is a 60% keyboard, with gasket mounting tabs on the PCB itself. The goal of this design was to achieve a flexible-yet-firm typing feel with pleasant acoustics. Development consisted of numerous rounds of prototypes and testing before finally coming to a design that I feel confident can satisfy many typists out there.


[ny] french
(adj.) nude, naked, bare.

Customized Typing Feel

Nue can be built in a limited number of configurations. The default style is plate-less, which refers to the absence of a mounting plate where a switch would normally be positioned before slotting into the PCB. Therefore, it is highly recommended that PCB mount switches be used for this configuration.

An optional plate is included for those who are not quite ready to become nudists just yet. Made of FR4 material (the same material as the PCB), this piece of lingerie offers a compromise for those who want to use plate mount switches or would rather have a slightly firmer typing feel.

Using poron foam strips, the 1.2mm PCB is sandwiched between two case halves that compress the gaskets and hold the circuit board in place. In addition, an optional dampening foam sheet lining the bottom of the keyboard case can soften the bottom-out for those who type with force, as well as mute the typing sound.

Open Source PCB Design

For the initial release, Nue will have support for ANSI and ISO layouts, split-backspace, and standard / tsangan bottom row. Connection to the PC is achieved via a USB-C daughterboard, which provides ESD & data protection while also eliminating any stress on the port due to PCB flex while typing. Extra PCBs will be available for purchase, and after the group-buy is over, the PCB design files will be open-sourced to ensure longevity of the board as well as for intrepid users to modify for their own custom layouts.


What’s In the Box