Nascent Build Guide

Please check PCB functionality before assembling. Units cannot be returned once built.

Step 1: Remove bottom (12) case hex screws.

Step 2: Turn keyboard over and remove the top case.

Step 3: Connect JST cable to the USB-C daughterboard provided. Place daughterboard in the bottom case and secure in place with (4) philips screws.

Step 4: Remove (22) foam gaskets from adhesive sheet and apply to bottom case. Tweezers are recommended.

Step 4a: Detailed view of the location of the adhesive foam gaskets.

Step 4b: Remove (3) foam gaskets from adhesive sheet and apply to the walls of the bottom case at shown locations. Repeat on right side.

Step 5: Install switches and stabilizers on PCB (optional plate is provided). Connect the other end of the JST cable to the back of the main PCB and tuck the cable along the bottom case routing (you can adjust the sleeve as necessary).

Step 6: Place top case back, sandwiching the PCB. If Step 4b is done properly, it should be a snug fit and the PCB will be aligned automatically.

Step 7: Turn keyboard over and reinstall bottom case hex screws, finger-tight. Do not overtighten screws! Overtightening will cause excessive pinging, hollowness, or damage to threads.

Step 8: Apply provided (4) rubber feet.

Turn keyboard over and start typing!