Galatea is a universal TKL USB-C PCB that fits most h87/88-c compatible cases. It features RGB underglow, gummy mount cut-outs and is QMK/VIA compatible. It also supports standard/F13 top-row and 10U spacebar in addition to the familiar 6.25/7U layout. Galatea is named after Mount Galatea, one of the highest mountain peaks in the Canadian Rockies located in Kananaskis Country. Available now at Swagkeys:


  • Solder TKL USB-C PCB
  • Compatible with h87/h88c footprint
  • MX-compatible switches only
  • QFN/QFP ATMEGA32U4 support
  • Overcurrent & ESD protection
  • RGB underglow
  • Caps/Scroll Lock THT LED Indicators
  • Gummy mount cut-outs
  • Flex-cut around alpha keys
  • Unified C3 daughterboard support (JST header not included)
  • Detachable USB Port
  • QMK/VIA compatibility



Type G (Geonworks)

  • Omit gummy mount cutouts and flex cut
  • Omit RGB underglow
  • Non-detachable USB port