Cascade is a universal 60% USB-C PCB designed to support the most common layouts used. It features RGB underglow, optional JST support, and is QMK/VIA compatible. Cascade is named after Cascade Mountain, located near Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Currently available individually and alongside PLA60 kits at

Inspired by PCBs such as 4pplet’s waffling60 and hineybush’s h60, both the solder and hotswap variant of this PCB can support multiple layouts including split-backspace, split right-shift, stepped/normal caps-lock, and ANSI/tsangan bottom rows. Powered by the trusty ATMEGA32U4 chip, Cascade has ESD data line protection, a PTC fuse for overcurrent protection, and is QMK and VIA compatible out of the box.



NOTE: For the hotswap variant, cherry profile keycaps may have trouble bottoming out on regular caps lock since it has a north facing profile in order to accommodate a stepped caps lock option. North-facing switches in general have bottom-out issues specifically for the R3 cherry profile, however the only place affected on the Cascade PCB is regular caps lock (1.75U). I consider this as more of an inconvenience than a major issue. – kbye