July 2021

July 2021: Nue Shipping & more!

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Nue will start shipping to group buy participants in the next week or so! I’m very happy with the the quality of the units that were produced, from the color, to the machining and polish of the brass, and I hope you will enjoy using it as much as I do.

When you receive your units, please inspect for any issues that might have been caused due to shipping. Although I put great care in the packaging, there may be a chance that something could happen during transit. So, please contact me via email or discord before you build your Nue. I won’t accept exchanges if your unit has already been built.

Once everyone has received their units and some time has passed for the exchange period, I will start the extras sale. I don’t know when this will happen and what the sales format will be, so please stay tuned.

Project Toblerone

Prototype has been received and I’ve been testing it over the past couple weeks. I’m excited to share more after Nue fulfillment, and hope to get the interest check done this summer.

Project Varanus

Changes have been made to the top and plate and will undergo another round of prototyping.

PCB Projects

I don’t normally do CAD or PCB design commissions, but I make exceptions for people I’m close with. In addition to Cascade (60% variable hot-swap), I am working on a 75% hotswap PCB for RNDKBD’s PLA75. I am also prototyping a second round of PCBs for Nascent, and a secrit full-size project as well. More to come!