May 2021

May 2021: Project Updates

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Last month I communicated that the cases would be delayed – that no longer seems to be the case as the CNC factory has been able to ramp up production. All units have finished machining and are now awaiting anodization. Final color samples have been sent to me and should proceed quickly after approval.

Aside from the cases, PCBs have all arrived and I have flashed and tested a few of them to make sure they are working properly. Carrying cases have shipped and should arrive in a couple weeks, QC cards are being designed and printed, and final packaging components are being ordered. We are on track for a late June delivery if all things continue to go well!

Project Delta

I have made the decision to shelve this design for now. I’m not satisfied with it in its current state, and with so many more interesting TKLs releasing this summer (F2 & Frog by Geon, Cloudline by Ustinj, RBB by I think Delta can wait a little longer. Thank you to everyone that expressed interest – Delta will be back soon.

Project Toblerone

I started playing around with the idea of an FRL (f-rowless) 1800 around the end of February this year, and I’m really happy with how it turned out! It’s a seamless design with no external screws. Case and PCB prototypes have been ordered and I hope to share more soon!


Cascade hotswap PCBs are in production and should arrive to me by the end of the month. There will be an allocation of units for the PLA60, and the remainder may be sold individually – nothing sorted out with RNDKBD yet. I will make an announcement on the discord server once they are available.