January 2021

January 2021: Nue Group Buy Details

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The group buy for Nue is live! RAFFLE LINK


Countdown: Link

Date/TimeJan 29 2021 10AM to 10PM EST
Format12 hr Raffle
Number of Units60
Price$450 CAD (approx $350 USD) + shipping
ColorsLight Rose/Slate Blue
ExtrasPCB, gaskets, FR4 plate
  • One entry per household. All duplicate entries will be removed.
  • Raffle will be open for 12 hours. After that, winners will be selected and invoiced via email.
  • You will have 24 hours to pay your invoice. After that, winners will be re-drawn.
  • Please only enter if you are genuinely interested in purchasing the Nue. If you are entering just for “fun”, it’s unfair to those who really want one, and unpaid invoices really suck.

Questions? Please send me an email support@studiokestra.ca, shoot me a DM on discord kbye#8963 or join the discord server here.